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Our Story

Zen Roller is a patent pending hand-held holistic Himalayan massager. The Zen Roller was invented by Dana Gedrick with the help of her partner Nick O'Neill and family & friends. After years of suffering with pain and skin irritations with ulcerative colitis, Dana who managed a salt cave in Santa Barbara, decided to make something holistic for her treatment. As a licensed esthetician she wanted to help people with other skin issues as well. It took 4 years of development and research for the Zen Roller to be made. Along the way she found a variety of aliments and issues it worked for on humans and dogs.


Our Mission

The Zen Roller's mission is to help people heal themselves, using natural alternatives such as salt for inflammation. We believe nature is our  beautiful resource for humanity to heal itself. I created the Zen roller in hopes that people would start to learn to heal themselves more holistically. When you use the roller on your skin you feel a certain kind of synergy with your own body. I believe the saying the salt of the earth is true because our bodies have the same minerals as salt does. Salt is a very powerful healing tool both mentally and physically. The Zen roller is handmade in Santa Barbara, California with all green material.

Uses of Zen Roller

Use The Zen Roller to treat bruising , swelling , wrinkles. The Zen Roller also helps relieve skin issues such as acne and food allergy rashes. It helpsTMJ and sports related injuries such as myofascial plantitis of the feet, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel.


Use after a fall for an ice pack. For allergies and colds use warm on face to loosen sinus cavity. Can be used for headaches and arthritis. Also use on dogs for hot spots and hip and sore muscles. For anxiety use on the chest warm. The rolling helps anxiety for dogs.


Think of the roller as Epsom salt on stick. You can roll to bring fever down. Also use on puffy eyes gently. This is perfect tool for any make up case or medicine cabinet.


Minerals for You and Your Best Friend!

The Zen Roller can be used on dogs and horses too! The rolling helps calm anxiety in dogs when applied to the chest.

Zen Roller For Pets

More About Salt

The salt has 84 trace minerels. Magnesium potassium calcium iodine- these are all amazing anti-inflammatories. Salt has been used for centuries for taking baths for inflammation. It's been used in nebulizers for asthma taking inflammation in the lungs down. It's also been used to heal wounds because iodine is an antiviral when applied to the skin.

Some benefits of Himalayan Salt: *helps your body detoxify *improves circulation *relaxes body and mind *relieves sore muscles *promotes healthy pH balance *reduces common signs of aging.

The Zen Roller uses minerals that our bodies naturally have. When these minerals are used together you get an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial,  anti-viral Salt Roller for face and body.  

More About Salt
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